Hello and welcome to my Vintage Kitchen! I’m so happy you stopped by!

My name is Jill, but everyone calls me Jilly. I live with my husband and a beagle named Ellie. We make our home in a small,  loft style apartment just outside of Boston.

When I was a teenager, my parents owned an ice cream shop and a diner style restaurant.  I’ve been cooking and serving meals for most of my life. The kitchen is my comfort zone. I like to take classic recipes and put my own spin on them. Sometimes this means making a traditional recipe lighter,  fresher and more flavorful. It can also mean increasing the nutritional value or just using easier techniques. Every recipe here has a notes section with tips and secret ingredients to help you create scrumptious food in your kitchen. I share recipes that work.

As a child, I also spent many hours watching my Lebanese grandmother cook flavorful feasts in her tiny Brooklyn apartment  kitchen. The meals she produced there are still the best I’ve ever tasted.  I adored her. She cooked with joy and love. Eastern Mediterranean cuisine is my soul food.

I’ve also been food blogging for a few years over at Jilly Inspired.  I created this fresh space for old and new tried and true favorites. Vintage Kitchen started in March 2014. Grab yourself a cuppa tea and enjoy browsing my collection. I hope you might try some of my recipes.

xo ~ Jilly


victorian chic ~ modern shabby chic 2


monet painting

ellie beagleellie (1)


new hairstyle



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