Coconut Milk Whipped Cream

  Coconut milk whipped cream is lighter in taste and texture than regular whipped cream.  I suggest using the coconut extract option in the recipe. Then serving the whipped cream with a  tropical fruit salad for a light summertime dessert. It’s also lovely with fresh slices of mango and pineapple.     I like to … Continue reading

All Natural Instant Chocolate Pudding ~ Made in the Microwave

I love chocolate pudding. It’s a childhood favorite that makes me think of sitcom TV.  With all-natural ingredients, a luxurious texture and rich chocolate flavor, this foolproof recipe solves my dilemma of wanting it immediately. The pudding is made in the microwave in minutes. It’s best served warm, right after it’s made.  It’s super easy … Continue reading

Blueberry & Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies

Hello Everyone! There are a few recipes I’m sharing on my other blog. This is one of them! Please click on the link to view this recipe: Blueberry Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies Bon Appetit! xo ~ Jilly

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Skillet Apples ~ Easy & Delicious

Apple orchards in New England are bursting with fruit filled trees for a good part of the year. My cinnamon sugar skillet apples are the perfect way to use up the abundant harvest.  It’s ridiculously easy to prepare this deliciously warm and sweet dish….think tart apples with just a hint of spicy cinnamon, coated with a … Continue reading

Coconut Milk Chocolate Mousse

I’m sharing another hugely popular recipe from my first food blog, Jilly Inspired. Making this chocolate mousse is practically foolproof. Looking for a creamy, dreamy, non-dairy version of chocolate mousse? Look no further. Smooth, rich and chocolaty with a light texture, it rivals the real thing. But, it’s not as heavy as traditional chocolate mousse … Continue reading