Creamy Fresh Pea Soup with Lime & Basil

  This is a creamy, dreamy, fast and easy pea soup. It’s made with frozen peas. They’re elevated to something quite fresh and lovely. White wine, basil and fennel give it a complex flavor. If you don’t love fennel, you can omit it with good results. But, it quietly complements the flavor of the peas … Continue reading

Thai Style Broccoli with Coconut Cream & Lime

  The flavor profile of this dish is reminiscent of Thai coconut curries, only it’s lighter and fresher tasting with lots of texture. Broccoli is diced and quickly cooked. It’s given a hit of perky ginger and chili powder or sriracha sauce for some mild heat. Just a touch of warm cumin and coriander, along … Continue reading

Thai Sweet Potato Bisque with Coconut Milk and Warm Spices

This is my husband’s favorite soup!  He starts requesting this as soon as fall arrives. It also receives rave reviews from my trusty taste testers at the hospital where I work. It’s a recipe makeover and slight departure from the more traditional bisques made with heavy cream and butter.  It’s healthy,  but you’d never know … Continue reading

Mexican Quinoa Casserole

 I’ve Moved! Please find this recipe by clicking on the link below: Quinoa Gratin with Mexican Flavors Hope to see you there! xo ~ Jilly

Sitcky Sweet & Spicy Raspberry Chipotle Turkey Meatballs

  Around here, I’ve developed a reputation for my juicy turkey meatballs.  I make all kinds of these tender, round morsels.  This version is sweet and spicy with a sticky raspberry-chili glaze. The smoky heat of chipotle peppers plays against the sweet raspberries and tangy lime. I’ll be sharing more meatball recipes in the future. … Continue reading