I’ve Moved!

Hello Everyone! Please join me on my new cooking and sewing blog Sew French! I’ll be sharing many new recipes there and stitching pretty things. I hope to see you! Click on the link: http://sewfrenchembroidery.blogspot.com/ xo ~ Jill Advertisements

Sticky Sweet & Spicy Turkey Meatball Poppers

These caramelized meatball poppers come together in a flash. Finely grated onion keeps them ultra moist and tender. Ground turkey keeps them on the lighter side. Sweet and a little bit spicy, these mini meatballs are anything but boring. The sticky honey glaze, cozy cumin and spicy harissa (or sriracha), give them a Moroccan flair. … Continue reading

Moroccan Chickpea Tagine

Moroccan tagines are beautifully fragrant stews made with key spices and whispers of saffron. The French are very fond of them. I make a lot of tagines! To my delight, a French woman once wrote to me to say that my tagine recipes are some of the best she’s ever tried. This vegetarian version is … Continue reading